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Commercial cleaning

We offer exceptional janitorial services to ensure a clean and sanitized workplace, which is crucial for maintaining productivity. With the current business climate, every facility needs to be regularly cleaned and disinfected to promote a safe and healthy environment. .

Specialized Cleaning

Keeping your facility looking its very best requires doing more than just the basics. With unique specialty cleaning services from the professionals at MAIDS, every inch of your facility can be cleaned and sanitized. From flooring care to making windows sparkle, we provide a wide range of specialty cleaning services that boost both your working environment and your image.

Why Clients Choose Maids

I have found Maids Commercial of Orlando's responsiveness to be exceptional. We have not had any problems and the services provided are excellent.

Brandon Salmon LED corporation

We are very satisfied. You have a good system of checks and balances and I am very satisfied with the service I receive.

Federico Rua Global solutions

We are very happy with the service we have been receiving.

Douglas Mattos Magical Vacation
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